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nw001165 (MADE IN BRAZIL — In Blues)LPMADE IN BRAZILIn BluesBRVINILVG+/NM F 12.952 electric blues double album
nw002316 (MAGIC — Enclosed)LPMAGICEnclosedUSGEAR FABNM/NM CF 204
nw001652 (MAGIC MIXTURE,The — This is Magic Mixture)LPMAGIC MIXTURE,TheThis is Magic MixtureESWAH WAHNM/NM LPS056,
nw000756 (MAGMA — Kobaia)2LPMAGMAKobaiaFRPHILIPSVG+/EX 1970 1st album (double), slight ring wear. RARE!
nw002005 (MAGNA CARTA — Seasons)LPMAGNA CARTASeasonsUKVERTIGOVG+/EX 6360 003,
nw000253 (MAMA BEA — Visages)LPMAMA BEAVisagesFRRCAEX/NM Superb bluesrock on the edge of avantgarde, probably inspired by Janis Joplin in places.
nw001428 (MAN — Revelation)LPMANRevelationUKPYEVG/VG NSPL.18275, 1/1 matrixes. Occasional scuffs and slight scratches.
nw001817 (MANOWAR — Battle Hymns)LPMANOWARBattle HymnsUSLIBERTYEX/EX LT-51125,
nw001816 (MANOWAR — Fighting The World)LPMANOWARFighting The WorldUSATCOEX/VG 90563-1,
nw001498 (MANSET,Gerard — La mort d'orion)LPMANSET,GerardLa mort d'orionFRPATHEEX/EX 064-15.628 EX to NM cover, complete with book, superb 1969 french psych/prog.
nw002334 (MANTIS — Turn Onto Music)LPMANTISTurn Onto MusicNZMARCOUMARNM/NM TT4 reissue of 1973 LP of the only rock band from FIJI.
nw002166 (MAPLEOAK — Mapleoak)LPMAPLEOAKMapleoakUKDECCAEX/EX SKL 5085, one of the rarest DECCA albums. Clean EX cover, strong EX at least sound, occasional faint visual only vinyl imperfections.
nw000634 (MARCIANITOS — Los Marcianitos)LPMARCIANITOSLos MarcianitosMXCAPITOLG/G Rare & obscure late 1960s Mexican band LP, teen beat w. occasional psych touches. Taped seams.
nw001133 (MARCUS — Marcus)LPMARCUSMarcusUSKINETICVG/VG Z 30207, Marcus more known as Rusty Evans of The DEEP and FREAK SCENE. It's his 1970 LP featuring psych gem
nw000038 (MARIAN SEGAL WITH SILVER JADE — Fly On A Strangewings)LPMARIAN SEGAL WITH SILVER JADEFly On A StrangewingsUSDJMNM/EX Affordable US original copy of UK folk rarity. Small cc and a couple of small stains on label.
nw002325 (MARIANI — Perpetuum Mobile)LPMARIANIPerpetuum MobileITHABLABELNM/NM HBL 11004, early reissue of 1970 heavyrock monster.
nw002213 (MARIZA KOCH — Arampas Arabas)LPMARIZA KOCH mp3 audiosampleArampas ArabasGRMINOSVG/VG MSM 139 her rarest first album, worn with slight scuffs, no deep scratches.
nw002214 (MARIZA KOCH — Duo zugies paihnidia)LPMARIZA KOCH mp3 audiosampleDuo zugies paihnidiaGRMINOSVG+/VG+ MSM 226
nw000912 (MARMALADE — Our House is Rocking)LPMARMALADEOur House is RockingUKEMIVG+/EX
nw001735 (MARMALADE — Songs)LPMARMALADESongsUKDECCAEX/EX SKL 5111, despite of amorphous name and the same cover design, it is quite interesting rock album, from mellow ballads to hardrock.
nw001193 (MARTIN CIRCUS — En direct du rock'n roll circus)LPMARTIN CIRCUS mp3 audiosampleEn direct du rock'n roll circusFRPOP MUSICEX/VG+ SLVLX. 428, many light surface scuffs so strong VG to weak VG+.
nw000505 (MARVIN,WELCH & FARRAR — Marvin, Welch and Farrar)LPMARVIN,WELCH & FARRARMarvin, Welch and FarrarUKREGAL ZONOPHONEVG/VG 1971 UK original, gatefold has a couple of defects, record is used but plays solid VG.
nw000101 (MAT 3 — Mat 3)LPMAT 3Mat 3CABAGATELLEEX/EX Rare tiny label orig. Quebec progressive rock LP from 1971.
nw000313 (MATCHMAKERS — Bubble Gum a Gogo)LPMATCHMAKERSBubble Gum a GogoDEVOGUEVG+/VG+ Original gatefold album, totally vanished nowadays. Many barely visible light surface scuffs.
nw000543 (MAYALL,John — Bare Wires)LPMAYALL,JohnBare WiresUSLONDONVG-/VG+ 1968 original gatefold. Strong ring wear. Side B plays EX, side A plays a bit noisy so VG+.
nw000541 (MAYALL,John — Blues from Laurel Canyon)LPMAYALL,JohnBlues from Laurel CanyonUSLONDONEX/EX 1968 original gatefold.
nw001201 (MAYALL,John — Blues from Laurel Canyon)LPMAYALL,JohnBlues from Laurel CanyonFRDECCAVG/VG 192.008, original unboxed Decca french copy, strong VG both cover and record, visual wear but plays at least VG+.
nw001202 (MAYALL,John — Crusade)LPMAYALL,JohnCrusadeFRDECCAVG/VG 192.005, original unboxed Decca french copy, strong VG both cover and record, visual wear but plays rather VG+.
nw000542 (MAYALL,John — USA Reunion)LPMAYALL,JohnUSA ReunionUSPOLYDORVG/NM 1970 original gatefold. Ring wear on back, light stain on front left.
nw000985 (MAYPOLE — Maypole)LPMAYPOLEMaypoleUSCOLOSSUSEX/EX CS 1007, front is NM, sign on back, bumped corner.
nw000690 (MCCARTNEY,Paul — II)LPMCCARTNEY,PaulIIUKPARLOPHONENM/EX Hardly ever played, w. orig. innersleeve
nw001615 (McCARTNEY,Paul — McCartney)LPMcCARTNEY,PaulMcCartneyUKAPPLEEX/NM PCS7102, earliest ever pressing, 2u/2u matrix, KT tax code on label. Barely played vinyl, a couple of faint paperscuffs.
nw000689 (MCCARTNEY,Paul — Pipes of peace)LPMCCARTNEY,PaulPipes of peaceNLODEONNM/EX Gatefold w. orig. innersleeve
nw001010 (MCCLUSKEY BROTHERS,The — Aware of All)LPMCCLUSKEY BROTHERS,TheAware of AllUKTHRUSHEX/EX THRUSH 4, seams wear, a scuff on B5-B6.
nw000126 (MCCOYS — Human Ball)LPMCCOYSHuman BallUSMERCURYEX/EX dh Original LP.
nw000816 (MCKUEN,Rod — Sold out!)2LPMCKUEN,RodSold out!UKWARNERVG+/VG+ Worn back.
nw002274 (MCNEIL,David — David McNeil (Hollywood))LPMCNEIL,DavidDavid McNeil (Hollywood)FRSARAVAHVG+/VG
nw001446 (MELANIE — Leftover Wine)LPMELANIELeftover WineCABIRCHMOUNTVG/VG BDS 5066
nw001445 (MELANIE & Edwin HAWKINS SINGERS — Try The Real Thing)LPMELANIE & Edwin HAWKINS SINGERSTry The Real ThingCABIRCHMOUNTVG/EX BM 639, canadian pressing, a couple of scuffs on B side, the rest is EX.
nw000904 (MENDES,Sergio & BRASIL'66 — Fool on the Hill)LPMENDES,Sergio & BRASIL'66Fool on the HillUKA&MVG/VG Strong VG
nw001205 (MERCEY BROTHERS — Have Mercey)LPMERCEY BROTHERSHave MerceyCARCAVG/EX PCS-1304, pleasant canadian pop/popsike from very early 1970s. Wobc.
nw001374 (MERCY'S,The — Melayu Pop Vol.1)LPMERCY'S,TheMelayu Pop Vol.1MYLIFEVG/VG+ Rare 1975 record of Indonesian popsike band, cover bottom waterdamage.
nw001647 (MERKIN — Music From Merkin Manor)LPMERKINMusic From Merkin ManorITAKARMASS AK 049,
nw001648 (MICHAELS,Lindy — Ragamuffin Child)LPMICHAELS,LindyRagamuffin ChildUSVAULTVG SLP-123
nw001901 (MIGHTY BABY — Testing The Life: Live 1971)2LPMIGHTY BABYTesting The Life: Live 1971USSUNBEAMSS
nw001004 (MILAN,Irina ENGLUNG — Irina Milan)LPMILAN,Irina ENGLUNGIrina MilanFICOLUMBIAVG-/VG 054-34858 record plays strong VG, Irina ENGLUNG, rare!
nw001160 (MIND GARAGE — Mind Garage)LPMIND GARAGEMind GarageUSRCAVG+/EX LSP-4218, cc, VG+ to EX cover.
nw001640 (MINT,The — Look Into The Love Mirror)LPMINT,TheLook Into The Love MirrorDEFFAVG+/VG+ 04280-03
nw001880 (MITCHELL,Joni — Clouds)LPMITCHELL,JoniCloudsUSREPRISEEX/NM RS 6341,
nw000886 (MIZUTANI,Kimio — A Path Through Haze)LPMIZUTANI,KimioA Path Through HazeJPPOLYDORNM/NM Reissue of 1971 psych rarity
nw000572 (MOBY GRAPE — 20 Granite Creek)LPMOBY GRAPE20 Granite CreekUSREPRISEVG+/EX
nw000571 (MOBY GRAPE — Moby Grape'69)LPMOBY GRAPEMoby Grape'69USCOLUMBIAVG+/NM Beginning of ring wear.
nw000573 (MOBY GRAPE — Truly Fine Citizen)LPMOBY GRAPETruly Fine CitizenUSCOLUMBIAVG+/EX
nw000393 (MONKEES — Instant Replay)LPMONKEESInstant ReplayUSCOLGEMSEX/NM *
nw000011 (MONKEES — Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.)LPMONKEESPisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.USCOLGEMSNM/EX
nw001151 (MONUMENT — First Monument)LPMONUMENTFirst MonumentUKBEACONVG/EX BEAS 15, Zior members project, dark heavy prog, 10 cm clear tape on bottom right.
nw000748 (MOODY BLUES — A Question of Balance)LPMOODY BLUESA Question of BalanceUKTRESHOLDNM/NM With Insert.
nw000747 (MOODY BLUES — Every Good Boy Deserves Favour)LPMOODY BLUESEvery Good Boy Deserves FavourUKTRESHOLDVG+/NM With Insert. Price tag removal tear.
nw001518 (MOODY BLUES — Every Good Boy Deserves Favour)LPMOODY BLUESEvery Good Boy Deserves FavourUSTRESHOLDNM/NM THS 5, perfect cover, near perfect record
nw000749 (MOODY BLUES — In Search of the Lost Chord)LPMOODY BLUESIn Search of the Lost ChordUKDERAMEX/NM
nw001516 (MOODY BLUES — In Search of the Lost Chord)LPMOODY BLUESIn Search of the Lost ChordDEDERAMVG+/VG+
nw000705 (MOODY BLUES — Out of this World)LPMOODY BLUESOut of this WorldUKK-TELEX/NM 1979
nw000746 (MOODY BLUES — Seventh Sojourn)LPMOODY BLUESSeventh SojournUKTRESHOLDEX/NM
nw000745 (MOODY BLUES — The Magnificent Moodies)LPMOODY BLUESThe Magnificent MoodiesUKDECCAEX/EX 2nd pressing from 1970.
nw000744 (MOODY BLUES — The Moody Blues #1)LPMOODY BLUESThe Moody Blues #1USLONDONNM/NM US pressing of 1st album.
nw001142 (MOODY BLUES,The — Days of Future Passed)LPMOODY BLUES,TheDays of Future PassedUKDERAMEX/NM SML 707, featured megahit
nw001140 (MOODY BLUES,The — On the threshold of a dream)LPMOODY BLUES,TheOn the threshold of a dreamUKDERAMVG+/NM SML 1035
nw001141 (MOODY BLUES,The — To our Childrens Childrens Children)LPMOODY BLUES,TheTo our Childrens Childrens ChildrenUKDERAMVG+/EX THS1, light paperscuffs, record plays mostly NM.
nw001517 (MOODY BLUES,The — To our Childrens Childrens Children)LPMOODY BLUES,TheTo our Childrens Childrens ChildrenUSDERAMVG/VG THS1,
nw000386 (MOON — The Moon)LPMOONThe MoonUSIMPERIALSS Cc, shrink is missed in top right corner.
nw001569 (MORGAN,John — Kaleidoscope)LPMORGAN,JohnKaleidoscopeUKCARNABYVG/VG 6302 010, rare ex-SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN album.
nw001331 (MORIS — Treinta Minutos De Vida)LPMORISTreinta Minutos De VidaARMICROFONVG/VG+ SE-416, 1969 recordings
nw001400 (MORMOS — Great Wall Of China)LPMORMOSGreat Wall Of ChinaFRCBSVG/VG S64430, original LP of US band living in France, ex-Spoils Of War. Faint surface scuffs, no deep scratches / no loud clicks, A-side is strong VG at least, B-side plays VG+. Orig. innersleeve has attached newspaper cuts about the band!
nw002261 (MOROZOV,Yury — Cherry garden of Jimi Hendrix)LPMOROZOV,YuryCherry garden of Jimi HendrixDESHADOKSSS SHADOCKS 167 perfect sealed LP
nw002262 (MOROZOV,Yury — Cherry garden of Jimi Hendrix)CDMOROZOV,YuryCherry garden of Jimi HendrixDESHADOKSSS SHADOCKS 167 perfect sealed CD
nw001891 (MOTORHEAD — Bomber)LPMOTORHEADBomberDEBRONZEVG/VG+ 201 013-320,
nw000976 (MOTT THE HOOPLE — Wildlife)LPMOTT THE HOOPLEWildlifeUKISLANDEX/EX ILPS 9144, cover is NM except for light seams wear. Record shows light paper scuffs, plays NM.
nw000445 (MOUNT RUSHMORE — High On)LPMOUNT RUSHMOREHigh OnUSDOTEX/NM Original US pressing
nw000003 (MOUNTAIN — Flowers Of Evil)LPMOUNTAINFlowers Of EvilUKISLANDEX/EX
nw001480 (MOUNTAIN — Nantucket Sleighride)LPMOUNTAINNantucket SleighrideUSWINDFALLVG/NM 5500, ocasional cover wear, strong VG to VG+, vinyl is EX to NM, complete with book and photographs.
nw000681 (MOVE — Looking On)LPMOVELooking OnUSCAPITOLEX/NM Original US copy. Jeff Lynne pre-ELO band, Roy Wood..
nw000682 (MOVE — Message From The Country)LPMOVEMessage From The CountryUSCAPITOLVG+/EX
nw001860 (MOVE — The Move / Shazam)2LPMOVEThe Move / ShazamUKFLYVG/VG+ TOOFA5/6
nw001504 (MUNGO JERRY — Mungo Jerry)LPMUNGO JERRYMungo JerryUSJANUSVG+/EX JXS-700, cc, white cover side is NM, other side shows slight marks at top, record is EX to NM.
nw002332 (MUSIC — The book of Music volume 1)LPMUSICThe book of Music volume 1USROCKADELICNM/NM RRLP-49 Extremely rare 1972 Michigan album
nw002135 (MUSIC FROM INDIA — Songs from Bombay)LPMUSIC FROM INDIASongs from BombayUKARGOEX/NM RG 62, very rare album of authentic field recordings, recorded in 1950s, I believe.
nw000717 (MUSICA DISPERSA — Musica dispersa)LPMUSICA DISPERSAMusica dispersaESWAH WAHNM/NM Reissue of rare 1970 spanish album, with insert.
nw001635 (MUTTER — Komm)LPMUTTERKommDEWHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUTEX/VG+ SF 110, TM 3046, with inner. Barely played copy graded VG+ for occasional faint paperscuffs.
nw000888 (MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / Keiji HAINO — Cosmic Debris)LPMY CAT IS AN ALIEN / Keiji HAINOCosmic DebrisITOPAXNM/NM OPX LP10, 100 numbered copies. 2 inserts. Polaroid artwork is signed by author on back, numbered as 1st copy of 100 made. Item weights 0.5 kg so shipping cost as 2 LPs.